Gifts and Donations


Adopted March 18, 2014

The Craven-Pamlico Regional Library (CPRL) welcomes gifts and donations to its member libraries. These donations are tax deductible because CPRL is a government entity and the donations are used by the libraries for the public good.

Monetary gifts, bequests, and memorial or honorary contributions are particularly welcome. Funds donated will be used to purchase items in accordance with the selection policy of the library. Books, videos, and other materials purchased with bequests and memorial or honorary contributions will be identified with special donor plates whenever possible. If requested, notification of memorial or honorary contributions will be sent to the family of the person being recognized. (See: Memorial and Honorary Contribution Form)

Donations of new and used books, audio recordings, videos, and similar materials will be added to the collection in accordance with the selection policy of the library. Once donated, items become the property of the Craven-Pamlico Regional Library, and may be given to other libraries and non-profit agencies, sold, traded, or discarded if they are not added to the collection. Donated items will not be returned to the donor and the library will not accept any item that is not an outright gift. The library also reserves the right to decide when a gift added to the collection must be withdrawn. The library will not accept any gifts it considers inappropriate.

The library can acknowledge receipt of donated items but is unable to set fair market or appraisal values. It is recommended that the donor make a list of items donated. If items are being donated to obtain a tax benefit, it is the donor’s responsibility to establish fair market value or obtain expert assistance in establishing any value.

Acceptance of donations of equipment, real estate, stock, artifacts, works of art, special collections, etc., will be determined by the Regional Library Board or local board as appropriate based on their suitability to the purpose and needs of the library, laws and regulations that govern the ownership of the gift, and the library’s ability to cover insurance and maintenance costs associated with the donation.

Several of the member libraries may develop special fundraising “Adopt-a-Book” or “Sponsor a Book” programs. The New Bern-Craven County Public Library Development Fund, Inc. also accepts Corporate Matching Gifts and bequests; this is a non-profit organization established in 1987 to expand library resources for residents in and around New Bern and Craven County. For more information on these special programs contact the individual library.